Travel Quiz!

If you are like me, you have spent a good deal of time in the last few weeks coming up with quiz questions and games to play with the family over Houseparty, Zoom or Teams!  I've done so many I'm actually now struggling to find new questions!

I thought I would create a couple of travel quiz rounds with answers (in bold) for you to use and share...round 1 is extra easy so great for the kids!

Good luck!



1. To which country should you travel, to visit the Eiffel Tower?


2. Which Italian city is famous for its canals?



3. What is the capital of England?



4. Which is the largest country in the world?



5. What is the name of the great park in New York City?

Central Park


6. Which is the largest river in the world?

The Nile


7. Which trains travel to Europe from St. Pancras Station?



8. In which country would you find the Taj Mahal?



9. The Pacific, Atlantic & Indian are all examples of what?



10. Do polar bears live near the North Pole or the South Pole?

North Pole





1. Which city has the most Michelin-starred restaurants?



2. Which is the smallest country in the world?

Vatican City


3. The Giants, the Rangers & the Yankees are sporting teams based in which US city?

New York City


4. In what year were the first Euro notes & coins introduced?



5. The city of Fez, after which the famous hat is named, is in which country?



6. Ko Samui, Ko Tao & Phuket are all islands in which Southeast Asian Country?



7. What museum would you need to visit if you wanted to take a look at Leonardo da Vinci's, Mona Lisa?

Louvre Museum, Paris


8. What currency did France use until they adopted the Euro?



9. What city has the busiest airport in the world?



10. The holiday resort of Faliraki is on which European island?


Test your family's geography and travel knowledge with my lockdown travel quiz

Posted: 28 April, 2020 | By Kelly Ball